After businessman's murder, store owners explain their protection methods

After businessman's murder, store owners explain their protection methods (Photo: WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- Store owners in Danville are paying extra attention to security following the murder of a businessman.

"It just makes us more nervous. We just try to be more secure, take more precautions," Manpreet Singh, assistant manager of the Valero Gas Station on North Main Street said. "More steps to be proactive all the time."

Security goes there beyond just the numerous cameras. There's multiple employees working, and that's not by accident.

Singh said sometimes it can be up to four workers at any given time, believing in the safety in numbers.

"If we see something we say something to each other," he told ABC 13 news.

The numerous windows are not just for natural light. It allows the employees to see if anything outside the ordinary is going on outside.

They will tell people to go away if they are loitering.

"That makes it safer. And people like it more if the gas station lot and property is clean and not a lot of people hanging out," he said.

Danville Police Corporal Timothy Scearce said, "If you can't see out of your store. No one else can see in it."

Danville Police give out books with instructions and examples to help businesses secure themselves. They recommend having your security system up to date and regularly tested.

The wristband Singh is wearing allows him to call police without ever dialing a device. It has a button in the middle that will alert DPD.

He told ABC 13, "Last time that I pressed it, they were here in less than a minute."

In addition, police tell stores to minimize risks by holding a limited amount of cash in a register.

That would make for less of a target for criminals to go after.

And if you work alone, think outside to the box to stay safe.

"Even if you are the solo person, you don't have to act like you're the solo person, you can call out to a someone else. They don't know if someone is there or not," Scearce said.

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