AEP looking to hire more than 100 people locally as part of expansion project


ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) - Appalachian Power announced it will be adding 200 employees to its downtown Roanoke office building from sister company AEP Transmission.

Governor McAuliffe was there for the announcement in the Roanoke AEP location on Franklin Road.

AEP will begin remodeling the 66,000 square-foot building and add a build a multi-level parking facility to accommodate the additional employees.

"This project is a major win for Virginia as the City of Roanoke transmission operation will manage the systematic upgrading and modernization of AEP's grid. It will create more than 100 new high-paying advanced degree jobs and is spurring the revitalization of Appalachian Power's unique facility."

About half of the 200 employees moving to the downtown office have been working in space at Appalachian's John Vaughn Center facility near Exit 141 north of Interstate 81.

AEP Transmission will hire about 100 additional employees in project management and engineering positions.

"Appalachian Power is extremely happy to be able to have these transmission employees join us in our downtown location," Chris Bean, CEO of AEP, said Tuesday. "We're confident that they will benefit the business environment in downtown Roanoke."

The remodeling and new construction will cost about $12.7 million and is expected to be complete by spring 2019.

Officials say some of the transmission employees will be housed in leased downtown office space during the remodeling process.

The parking structure will be built on Appalachian Power property across 1st Street from the Appalachian main entrance. The property is already being used as surface parking for current employees. About 200 parking spaces for the additional employees will be available in the new facility.

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