Act of kindness: Man stops traffic to help older woman cross the street

    Brandon Hairston stopped traffic that was weaving around the older woman trying to cross the street to make sure that she made it safely across (Photo: Amanda Logan)

    DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- One woman caught an act of kindness on camera, and now the picture is going viral.

    Amanda Logan said she was on her way home on Sunday when she noticed traffic was moving in a strange way.

    She said an older woman was crossing the street at the intersection of Piney Forest Road and the Franklin Turnpike in Danville.

    Cars were trying to go around her, when a young man named Brandon Hairston, stopped his car, went into traffic to stop the cars to help the woman cross the street.

    "It was so nice to see this young man doing an act of kindness," Logan said. "So I thought it would just be nice to you know make it known. I didn't know who he was and I just decided at the last moment to snap a picture."

    Logan says it put a smile on her face.

    She posted the picture to Facebook because she said she wanted to share the positive news.

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