ABC 13 Reporter from Houston shares her family’s reaction to Hurricane Harvey

Flood Pic for Twitter.PNG

ABC 13's Valencia Jones has seen her share of hurricanes growing up in the North Houston area of Texas, specifically Spring, Texas. Her dad, Wayne Jones, has seen even more, dating back to 1961.

"This is the worst one," he said, and most would agree none of them top Hurricane Harvey. It's lingering effects are flooding homes and destroying lives.

"The development today was they were opening the reservoirs, and it was causing even more flooding," Jones said.

Her family is safe, but many are not as fortunate. Emergency crews are rescuing people around the clock, while many families are still waiting for help. Rescue workers are even getting stuck.

"We feel very, very fortunate, almost guilty that we've been ok," said Wayne Jones.

Valencia's cousin, Micque Titus, said the water has receded from her family's yard, but like many other areas, their neighborhood is surrounded by water.

"People have lost so much that they have worked hard for, and their homes are just completely covered in water," said Titus. "People are going into their attics, because the first floor is just completely under water."

Titus said a few more inches of rain could send water from a bayou rushing into her subdivision.

Valencia's dad knows Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner through church affiliations and said he believes the city is in good hands.

"They've been doing a great job," he said.

"They're on the job. Everybody is trying to play a role in getting people to safety," said Titus.

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