AAA says warming car in the morning is unnecessary, waste of gas


    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Now that it's getting into winter and temperatures are getting colder, we know it's tempting to go outside and warm your vehicle before you head to work or school in the morning.

    But, Virginia State Police and AAA say it's not necessary.

    Police said warming your car and leaving it to idle is an easy way to get it stolen.

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    They refer to it as a 'crime of opportunity' for wannabe thieves.

    AAA said warming your car in the morning is just a waste of gas and it's actually illegal in some states.

    When you get in your car in the morning to leave, the time it takes to put on your seatbelt and start the vehicle is all you need. AAA said the car's fluids will get moving and you can drive off gently before turning the heat on.

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    VDOT also offered a tip, saying to keep your gas tank at least half-filled to avoid gas line freeze up.

    As many states face winter weather, tailpipes should also be checked they are not clogged with snow or ice as the gas could leak into the vehicle's cabin.

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