The Virginian Hotel in Lynchburg opens to guests more than 40 years after closing

    A look at the new rooftop restaurant and bar at the Virginian Hotel (WSET).

    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A new chapter opened at the Virginian Hotel. The newly renovated building is now open for business.

    More than four decades after The Virginian Hotel in Lynchburg closed its doors, it is once again welcoming guests with open arms through its grand entrance.

    Some of the first guests said the best way to check out the newly'renovated hotel was to check-in.

    "I've been tracking it weekly, almost, just to see if it was going to be open, so that I could take advantage of the historical building, the historical setting," said Gary Daniels, a guest who is traveling for business.

    The history dates back to 1913, years before the hotel closed about 60 years later in 1972.

    Workers preserved historic features like the classic staircase in the main ballroom, and the intricate detail displayed on the pillars and walls.

    "It's taken a lot of renovation effort and, certainly, financial commitment to bring it back to its historical art deco feel and look," General Manager Dennis Marcinik said.

    Touring inside the hotel, it has an art deco style with a modern flair.

    "We're gonna go to the rooftop bar, Lynchburg's only rooftop bar and restaurant," Marcinik said, leading ABC 13 up to the Skyline Grill, where guests can enjoy a meal with a view.

    "We came into town to pick up our daughter, who's at Liberty University, and we found out this just opened today, so we thought, 'Let's give it a try,'" Beth Billington said.

    "The response has been very, very positive," Marcinik said. "The local Lynchburg business community is very excited about doing business with us."

    Now that the doors are open, management says they'll now focus on fine-tuning their service standards.

    They look forward to hosting memorable events in the years to come.

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