'It just worked,'; couple celebrates 75 years of marriage

Burt and Margaret Giles celebrated 75 years of marriage together. They met on a blind date. (Photo: WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Burt and Margaret Giles celebrated their 75th anniversary Tuesday.

Burt shared the two met on a blind date in 1941.

According to the couple, Margaret had a boyfriend at the time and tagged along with a friend to keep Burt company.

"I just had a feeling it was supposed to be," said Margaret Giles as she reminisced their first date.

The couple said they have been inseparable since they met.

"I just believed God meant for one man and one woman, together, for the rest of their lives," said Burt. "And I knew this was the one."

The two married one year later in Massachusetts on Oct. 10th, 1942.

When asked how they managed to stay together so long, they shared they don't know, it just worked.

Burt and Margret said their relationship wasn't perfect but they loved each other so much they always found a way to fix any differences they had.

"We always respected each others view point," said Burt. "And sometimes we disagree and that's okay. It's meant to be that way too."

Both of them agree marrying each other was one of the best decisions they've ever made.

"This is the best friend I ever had. I'll tell you. I would die for her if it came down to it," Burt said of his wife.

In addition to their milestone, Burt and Margaret's daughter celebrated 50 years of marriage this year, and their granddaughter celebrated 25.

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