39 basset hounds seized from Va. man's home

    (Chesapeake Animal Services)

    CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WSET) -- Chesapeake Animal Control seized 39 basset hounds from a home after two complaints.

    WTKR reports that, according to court documents, the first complaint came from a person who claimed basset hound puppies were listed for sale on Craigslist. But in the pictures, the puppies were covered in feces in crowded crates.

    Chesapeake Police received the complaint July 19. Officials responded to the home on Willow Avenue, but they had to leave a notice on the door for the homeowners to contact police, as no one answered the door.

    The court documents say police received the second call July 20 from a neighbor who said a foul odor was coming from the home.

    Animal control responded to the house and made contact with homeowner, John Farlow. They then found 39 basset hounds in his possession.

    Farlow told WTKR he owns so many of the breed because he owns a basset hound senior rescue.

    "As far as my numbers, it did get a bit out of hand; I will admit that. I was maintaining, I was doing well," said Farlow. "I thought I was doing something great - my calling from God."

    Farlow defended himself, saying none of the dogs were abused and all were taken care of.

    "I’m guilty of the heinous crime of loving animals," explained Farlow. "There was not an abused animal in my house."

    But, Chesapeake Animal Control says the Farlow's caretaking was not good enough, and confiscated the dogs to nearby shelters.

    Most of the scent hounds were brought to Chesapeake Animal Services and some have already been adopted.

    Farlow has not yet been charged with any crime, but could face charges for animal cruelty.

    He says he has no plans to take care of anymore dogs.

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