Stent helping patients with chronic sinusitis

Doctors now using FDA approved stent to help relieve chronic sinusitis (Photo: Intersect ENT).

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WSET) - Your congestion could be more than just a cold or allergies -- chronic sinusitis.

But there's a new treatment showing great results in patients who get sinus surgery.

Kimberly O'Farrell had a bad case of chronic sinusitis.

"It felt like a pressure, like someone had punched you in the face,” O’Farrell explained. “Like your bones were just smashed."

That pain and pressure can be debilitating according to Dr. Jennifer Nelson who is an ENT with LewisGale Physicians/ HCA Virginia.

"A lot of these patients are really miserable,” Nelson said. “It can even lead to depression; people miss a lot of work due to it. It can definitely have an impact on the quality of life."

Nelson explained that sinus surgery is available for relief, but now she's also using an FDA approved stent called Propel after the procedure.

The spring-like stent expands to prop open the sinus and gradually delivers an advanced steroid directly to the sinus lining -- and then dissolves into the body.

"Everything looked much clearer, much more open, much less crusting so gradually I've been using it in patients with less severe disease and have found really good results as well,” Nelson said.

Nine months after her procedure – O’Farrell is pain free.

“I feel great,” O’Farrell said. “Even on my rough days if I have any I'm always able to breath, I don't have sinus pain and I have my full sense of smell.”

Giving her the relief she needed to live her life.

The stent is covered as part of the surgery by insurance.

For more information, click here.

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