Study finds immunotherapy and asthma drug can help with multiple food allergies

(MGN Online)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Currently, no treatment exists for those with multiple food allergies. Usually patients are told to avoid food triggers, which can be very difficult.

For years, doctors have talked about gradually introducing those allergens into the diet until the patient can tolerate it. This method is called immunotheraphy.

However, immunotherapy is risky.

In a new study at Stanford University, scientists combined the asthma drug Xolair with immunotherapy. According to allergist, Dr. Joseph Lane, the drug makes you less allergic.

"What they found was in the group of kids treated with the Xolair actually had an 83% chance of being able to finish the study and pass a food challenge to 2 or more foods," he said.

This is compared to children who were treated with a placebo and had only a 33% chance of passing a food challenge.

The study is unique because it looked at people who were doing immunotherapy with multiple foods at a time, not just one.

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