New technology making breast implants safer

    Doctor advising a woman about breast surgery (PHOTO: SBTV)

    New technology is making breast implants safer.

    Dr. Constance Barone explains the "Ideal" implant was approved by the FDA in 2014. It's filled with saline but the design is what doctors call "structured."

    So if one side deflates it's not as noticeable and can be fixed with a small incision.

    "It gets filled from the front. It gets filled from the back. So there's two chambers," Barone said.

    Even though it's still in the early years of use Dr. Barone believes the new structured technology behind the "Ideal" implant is the safest option out there.

    If you go with silicone the FDA recommends an MRI three years after surgery, and every two years to look for silent rupture.

    The FDA also recommends-- changing silicone implants every 10 years.

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