Lynchburg cancer center using music to help treat patients

(Photo: WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A cancer diagnosis can be one of the scariest situations to navigate, but a new program might help soothe a few souls.

The Alan B. Pearson Cancer Center in Lynchburg is holding the Music Month of March for cancer patients.

Music is a complementary therapy with proven clinical benefits, according to Nurse Practitioner Christine Lacoy.

Lacoy says it can increase dopamine, the feel good chemical in your body, and decrease cortisol, the stress chemical.

She also says studies show it decreases pain and the need for pain medication.

That's the clinical piece, but there's also a feel good piece to the music.

"We had somebody downstairs singing and I went upstairs to go see one of my patients and I said, 'what do you think of the music?' And suddenly I had six women who are waiting intensely to get chemo treatment, or to see the doctor about good or bad news, and they are telling me how they feel about it and then telling each other," said Lacoy.

Music therapy is helping create a distraction for those patients in a stressful situation.

This may be the Musical Month of March, but they are always looking for performers at the cancer center.

Contact them if you'd like to volunteer.

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