How your own stem cells can reduce hip and knee arthritis pain

(MGN Online)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- There are a handful of orthopedic surgeons in the country who are offering patients a nontraditional alternative to reduce hip and knee pain from arthritis.

The solution is stem cells taken from your own body fat.

"Patients come in we actually perform a liposuction procedure around the abdomen," said Dr. Josh Murphy, a hip and knee surgeon.

The fat cells are then made into a formula of stem cells the body can absorb. They are then injected back into the hip or knee area to recruit other cells to help heal.

Because they are your body's own cells, you can't reject them. The main risk is simply that it won't work well enough to relieve your pain.

The method is approved by the FDA, but it is not covered by most medical insurance plans since it is so new. The cost can be $4,000 to $5,000.

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