Health Check: Rec leagues keep seniors moving

The putt-putt league has up to 50 people who show up every week (Photo: Danner Evans).

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Many seniors know that regular physical activity is good for them, but have trouble getting started. Lynchburg Parks and Rec is helping them stay on track.

At 91 years young, Gladys Cantrell hasn't missed her weekly date on the putt-putt course for four years.

"I've done pretty good they say,” Cantrell said. “I guess for my age I'm doing ok."

One of the best-established ways to improve your health at all ages -- including seniors -- is exercise according to the National Institute on Aging.

The senior putt-putt league is just one of the ways Lynchburg Parks and Rec is helping.

Sandra Holt brought Cantrell for the first time.

“It keeps you young, you maintain your relationships, healthy friendships,” Holt said. “It's just good exercise and lots of fun."

Organizer Willie Perry said there’s a lot more to putt-putt than just hitting a golf ball.

"You're playing this game and your bending, reaching, going down and picking up the ball,” Perry said.

84-year-old Mary Tyree is returning to the league after back surgery.

"This is my first time back since 2015. I couldn't wait to get back," Tyree explained.

Getting back to her friends on the greens helped Tyree recover.

“Always meet new friends, sometimes you play with them,” Tyree said.

Mary and Jack Vormittag love it.

"For me it's just about being out with folks of a certain age,” Mary Vormittag said. “I'm the youngest. I was 4 when our daughter was born."

The senior rec teams keep Jack Vormittag busy on other fields too.

“I do tennis Tuesday, Thursday and pickle ball Friday,” Jack Vormittag said. “And it's all seniors."

A gathering that's good for the heart and soul.

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