Health Check: Hurt man spreads word about male breast cancer

Dalton recently raised money for the Altavista relay for life in May (PHOTO: Frank Dalton).

You will usually find Frank Dalton bass fishing. So it's apropos he found the lump that would change his life on a fishing trip last September.

"When I got out of the shower when I was drying off, I was drying my left arm off and my arm rubbed across my right chest and I felt something funny," Dalton explained.

Doctors diagnosed Dalton with stage 2 breast cancer in December. Days later he had a mastectomy.

"It was like the size of a dime when they found it and in like 6 days it had grew to the size of a quarter," Dalton said.

Centra oncologist Dr. Rob Headly said men need to check their breasts too.

Breast cancer in men is usually detected as a hard lump underneath the nipple and areola and Dr. Headly says it usually doesn't hurt.

"Unfortunately in men the tumors tend to be bigger, tend to be more advanced and tend to involve the lymph nodes because men don't think of it as a possibility," Headly said.

That is exactly why Dalton wants to talk about his fight.

“Guys don't check themselves. If they find something, they let it go,” Dalton said. “But something like this, if I had let it go, it's a knot or something, I probably wouldn't be sitting here talking to you about it.

Surrounded by a circle of support, Dalton just finished his last chemo treatment.

"It's brought us closer together," Dalton said of his wife.

With a renewed passion for life, Dalton ready to tackle radiation now with a good prognoses. All while spreading his story to raise your awareness of the disease.

"I call it my gift. God gave me this gift to ... to share,” Dalton said. “I just want to give my give to everyone else to bring awareness is the biggest thing. And a positive attitude."

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