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There's a new headache clinic in Lynchburg (Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group).

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - If you suffer from chronic headaches -- relief could be a phone call away. Centra's new Headache Clinic is providing a new network for head.

Every three months, you'll find Donna Bowen with her neurologist.

"I started with my migraine headaches over 25 years ago," Bowen said.

She had the kind of headaches that would wipe her out.

"I would get very nauseated, very sick with them and end up in the bed for 2-3 days," Bowen said.

It’s a common problem for Dr. Peter Konieczny’s patients.

“About a quarter or 1/3 of my patients here in the practice present with headaches," Konieczny said.

Konieczny is heading up Centra's new Headache Clinic to help people find relief.

"It is a holistic approach -- it takes not only medications but some counseling, and life style changes are often recommended as well," Konieczny said.

They look at factors like sleep, food, weight loss, hydration, and anxiety to get to the root of the problem, then getting that person to the specialist they need to treat the pain.

“Physicians see a patient with headache and give a prescription and they leave the room but there is no way they can sit down and ask questions like how is your sleep? What did you eat? Have you kept a migraine diary?”

Konieczny said they also use physical therapy and Botox to treat the pain.

Bowen said the Botox injections have worked well for her.

“That has been the best. I've had the best results from those,” Bowen explained. “When I had over 20 and now I have about 10 a week -- that's big!”

The Headache Clinic will help you navigate if you need to see a neurologist or a physical therapist The number is 434-200-3630

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