Danville Health Experts: Flu Season Is Not Over

Danville, VA - Much of the hype about the flu has died down over the past few weeks, but that doesn't mean flu season is over. In fact, experts say you are still at risk of getting sick.

They saw the flu starting to pick up in November. In the last two weeks, they've all seen a drastic decline, but they say everyone should keep up precautions like washing your hands regularly and covering a cough.
"It kept us busy," said Prakash Suthar, owner of KARE Pharmacy in Danville.
For weeks, KARE Pharmacy in Danville felt the stress of the flu. They saw a drastic increase in the number of patients in need of the prescription, Tamiflu, in comparison to years before.
"I would say about 20-30% higher than and it's more severe symptoms than previous years," said Suthar.
That kept them busy. They even had to create a compound for babies with the flu. Their patients weren't the only ones feeling the symptoms.
Suthar is still getting over the flu himself for the first time in 10 years.
"I suffered from flu as well, so I can imagine what other people are going through," said Suthar.
But, Suthar says just in the last two to three weeks, they've seen a 90% drop in patients with flu-like symptoms.
But doctors say don't let those numbers fool you.
"Hopefully, we've seen the end of it but we can't really say until after it's passed," said Pamela Heath, a D.O. at MedExpress.
She too has seen a decline in the number of flu patients but still actively tests for it. Last week, not one of those tests came back positive.
But she says everyone still needs to be careful -- because flu season doesn't finish until the end of April.
"I do think that that big peak that we had has passed," said Heath.
Suthar is more than happy to hear that.
"I hope it ends now," said Suthar.
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