Clinical trials going on at Lynchburg's cancer center

Nancy Tiver took part in a clinical trial while undergoing cancer treatment in Lynchburg (Photo: Danner Evans).

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Nancy Tiver is passionate.

“I love to quit,” Tiver said. “I'm a quilter.”

During her treatment for breast cancer she also became passionate about helping other women fighting the disease.

“I knew people had participated in clinical trials to make the drugs that were helping me,” Tiver said. “Somebody had to go before my treatment and make it so I could have the benefit of their clinical trial.”

When her oncologist, Dr. Kevin Patel, asked if she wanted to participate in a clinical trial, she signed up.

“One of the chemotherapy drugs is associated with heart failure and so there is a very nice clinical trial looking at how can we prevent heart failure in women with breast cancer,” Patel explained.

Patel oversees the clinical trials going on at the Alan B Pearson Cancer Center. He said patients who participate receive either a new treatment being tested or the best available standard treatment.

“I think it pays an important role in the care of our patients,” Patel explained. “Some of these clinical trials are registration clinical trials -- meaning that these drugs are being made available to our patients through these trials and later on would lead to a FDA approval.

Tiver’s 2 year trial is over. She's still on a cholesterol lowering medication -- and doing well.

“I really just wanted to pay it forward,” Tiver said. “I wanted to be one of those people who could help somebody behind me.”

The clinical trials at the Alan B Pearson Cancer Center are carried out according to extremely strict scientific and ethical principles.

To ensure patient safety every clinical trial is reviewed by the Institutional Review Board and ethics committee.

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