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Arnold Schwarzenegger's mission to terminate climate change

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been on a campaign to support renewable energy. (MGN)
Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been on a campaign to support renewable energy. (MGN)
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Actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't give a hoot if you believe in climate change.

Although, he uses another four-letter word to express his opinion about climate change in letter posted to Facebook that has been shared well over 60,000 times.

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"Come with me if you want to live," was once a famous line from "Terminator 2." Only now the Terminator's mission has changed from protecting John Connor, to protecting the planet.

Schwarzenegger urges investment in renewable forms of energy, side-stepping the climate change debate, and instead comparing reliance on fossil fuels to still working at Blockbuster "as Netflix emerged," he writes in the letter posted Monday.

"A clean energy future is a wise investment, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either wrong, or lying. Either way, I wouldn't take their investment advice," he continued.

Also Monday, Schwarzenegger participated in a "Climate Leadership" discussion with SciencePo - the Paris Institute of Political Studies. Paris played host to COP21, a global climate conference attended by state leaders from around the world.

Arnold's advocacy for renewable energy investment is notable for the former Republican governor of California, as conservatives in Congress plan to block the president's promise to curb carbon limits in his forthcoming budget.

At the conference, Schwarzenegger said California had earmarked plans to reduce carbon emissions by 85 percent by 2050.

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