UPDATE: Many Kicked Out at Trump Rally at Radford University

Trump Rally in Radford, VA. (PHOTO: @Annie_Andersen/ Twitter)

UPDATE: 1:38 PM - What began as a calmly packed auditorium, quickly became a scene of chaos.

Trump came to win over the Commonwealth a day before the big primary vote, however, many activists were kicked out of the rally.

The first group went out chanting "black lives matter."

This falls on the heels after former Ku Klux Klan leader, David Duke, endorsed Trump.

Trump's "refusal" to disavow the group ignited a firestorm of debate about Trump's racial stances.

When the activists were being escorted out, Trump said they "were the enemy."

However, it wasn't just audience members who were being escorted out of the rally.

Some members of the media were also kicked out.

Morris later explained that he was "assaulted first."

Morris was forced to the ground when he put his hand on the throat of a member of secret service.

He claims he was merely showing "what happened to him."


Radford, VA. - Trump is campaigning in Radford this morning ahead of the Virginia primary.

Radford University's gymnasium was full around 10:00am, two hours before the rally was supposed to begin.

Though scheduled to start at noon, the first speaker took the podium around 11am.

Many audience members who were supporting Trump wore stickers saying "Guns Save Lives."

Many politicians also attended the event to endorse The Donald ahead of Super Tuesday.

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