#SandersSuit Became the Main Debate Last Night on Twitter

(Photo: CNN)

Last night's Democratic debate brought up a lot of hot button issues.

One that was not expected was the debate over the color of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders' suit.

It didn't take long for the highly debated "dress of 2015" to make its appearance in the discussion.

Joking aside, the color of Sanders' suit seemed to be getting more attention on the event's hashtag #DemDebate on Twitter than issues of immigration, healthcare reform, and racial tension.

The suit debate was so popular that it gained its own alliterative hashtag, #SandersSuit. Later, it got its own twitter account.

Some argued that the suit was clearly black.

Others saw blue in the suit.

Then, some viewers thought the suit was brown and had some pretty convincing, "scientific" evidence.

The suit debate became a bit heated, much like the Democratic Debate. So, some decided to bring comedy into the debate to lighten the mood.

But others are upset that the suit was even a headlining, popular topic; voicing that they are concerned that the suit debate got more attention than the real debate.

Sanders himself has yet to give his final word on the suit debate but is getting praised for how he closed out the Democratic Debate.

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