Meet the candidates: Republican Primary for U.S. Senate

The candidates running in the primary.

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Tuesday is Primary Election Day here in Virginia.

One of the races happening is the primary for U.S. Senate. Three Republicans are vying for the chance to run against Senator Tim Kaine in November.

Here's a look at those three candidates:

Corey Stewart

According to his campaign website, Corey Stewart is currently the At-Large Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors for Prince William County.

Stewart supports Trump's America First Agenda.

Here is how he stands on several key issues:

  • JOBS - Stewart plans to bring jobs back to Virginia by reducing federal corporate taxes. He also wants to work to deregulate, so that more businesses will come to the U.S.
  • ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION - While working for Prince William County, Stewart's crackdown on illegal immigration resulted in 7,500 people being turned over for deportation.
  • TAXES - If elected, Stewart plans to lower taxes for Americans. According to his campaign website, he lowered the tax bills in Prince William County to 30% lower compared to neighboring counties.

For more information on Corey Stewart you can check out his website or Facebook page.

Nick Freitas

According to his campaign website, Nick Freitas is a Virginia Delegate for the 30th district. Freitas has worked in politics since the age of 15, and has a 100% rating from the NRA and Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Here is how he stands on several key issues:

  • TAXES - Freitas is in favor of limited government. His website says he is in favors of lowering taxes and fighting "onerous" regulations.
  • IMMIGRATION - Freitas believes our borders should be secured, saying our current immigration system has let in criminals and terrorists into the United States.
  • SECOND AMENDMENT - He is pro-Second Amendment and believes any laws restricting gun ownership is a direct violation of our rights.

For more information on Nick Freitas, you can check out his website or Facebook page.

E.W. Jackson

E. W. Jackson is a Vietnam Era Veteran and most recently in 2013, won the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor of Virginia, according to his campaign website.

Here is how he stands on several key issues:

  • TAXES - If elected, Jackson says he'd work to lower taxes to put money back in the pockets of Americans.
  • IMMIGRATION - Jackson supports building a border wall to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States.
  • WASHINGTON - On his website, Jackson pledges to "Drain the Swamp," planning to fight for the interests of the American people.

For more information on E. W. Jackson, you can check out his website or Facebook page.

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