Lynchburg Residents Can Weigh in on Search for a New City Manager

Residents can voice their preferences for the new city manager through a recruitment profile.

LYNCHBURG, VA. - The search for a new city manager has begun and now Lynchburg residents can weigh in on the decision.

Lynchburg City Council is creating a recruitment profile, which is a list of desirable characteristics of candidates.

Specifically, the profile touches on preferences in experience, leadership style, and performance.

Residents have the option to add to the recruitment profile with their preferences.

The current City Manager, Kimball Payne, announced late last year that he would be retiring as of June 30, 2016.

City Council is expected to finalize the profile at its February 9 meeting at 7:30 p.m. in City Council Chamber.

Lynchburg residents may offer their input regarding the profile electronically on HERE or in person at the February 9th meeting.

City Council will take public input into consideration as it finalizes the recruitment profile.

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