Falwell Jr. defends stumping for Trump in Iowa

Falwell defends his support of Donald Trump (WSET)

Lynchburg, VA- Falwell is supporting trump in Iowa and the evangelical leader says it could be the first of many campaign trips together.

In an effort to get that all important evangelical vote out in Iowa-Trump asked for the backing of Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Junior and he got it.

Trump flew Falwell and his whole family out to Iowa to stump for him all weekend-

Since Falwell Jr. announced his private endorsement of the candidate, he has received some backlash among fellow conservatives.

Some who have said they don't believe Trump's values fall in line with true evangelicals. Including many students who attend Liberty University.

ABC 13 caught up with Falwell Monay after his whirlwind weekend with the Trumps -and even though Falwell is endorsing Trump as a private citizen-we asked him if this was over-stepping the lines in his position as LU president.

Jerry Falwell Jr. "ABC 13 to Falwell Jr. "Is that crossing the boundary? Jerry Jr. No, I have every right as a private citizen to support candidates as anybody else. And I don't think I'd be a very good citizen if I didn't exercise my right to choose the best candidate to help the candidate who I believe in. That's part of our duty as Americans."

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