University of Lynchburg dedicates "free little pantry"

"Free Little Pantry" at the University of Lynchburg outside the Spirtual Center

LYNCHBURG, Va, (WSET) -- University Day took place on Wednesday at the University of Lynchburg.

It's a first for the school. Earlier today they had convocation and welcomed around 600 new students.

Then, there was a dedication for the "Little Free Pantry." It's outside the Spiritual Life Center.

Stephanie Mclemore is the Chaplain and Director of Church relations for the University. She said they have been looking for a day for the dedication, and University Day seemed like the perfect time.

"Little Free Pantry" is a nationwide movement to provide food for neighbors. "The mantra " take what you need, leave what you can."

Mclemore said there are multiple drop off locations for food throughout campus

"It's a matter of sharing, it's a matter of being conscious of food waste, and it's a matter of doing what we can for our neighbors," said Mclemore

There are now two mini pantries on campus for people to give and take from. This celebration goes on for another hour or so and classes begin tomorrow.

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