Va. lawmakers support local parents' push for more recess in schools

More Recess for Virginians movement (Photo: WRIC)

RICHMOND, Va. (WSET) -- Barbara Larrimore started the More Recess for Virginians movement when she grew concerned that her son's school did not allot enough time for recess.

WRIC reports that the child's Prince William County School would have recess that is 15 minutes long.

Larrimore started the movement so that recess would counted as instructional time.

The change would give Virginia public schools the flexibility to offer students more time on the playground to go along with their time in the classroom.

According to Larrimore, her proposal has already gotten attention from supporters in Roanoke, Richmond and Fairfax.

“They do need breaks. They need to refresh their brain, recharge and go back to the class with a lot more energy,” said Cecilia Alvarez from Fairfax.

Both Larrimore and Alvarez were at the Capitol Tuesday for a final vote in the House on backing the idea. Delegates voted 97-3 in their favor.

A similar proposal passed in the Senate based on a unanimous vote.

Some who oppose the idea believe that merging recess with academic time will have a negative impact on subjects such as math, science, English and social studies.

“Whatever time that we would take away from the four core subjects, we would be giving back with actual learning and not fidgity or anxious neurotic behavior,” Larrimore mentioned as a trade-off.

Learn more about More Recess for Virginians here.

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