New law requires schools to teach teen drivers how to interact with police

    (MGN Online)

    RICHMOND, Va. (WSET) -- Governor Terry McAuliffe has signed a bill into law that will add an important new unit to driver's education in Virginia.

    House Bill 2290, signed into law this month, will require schools to teach teen drivers how to act and what to do when they are pulled over by police.

    HB 2290 by WSET on Scribd

    "They don't really know what to do and so this is actually a nervous interaction," explained Delegate Rob Bell, Republican State Representative for the 58th District said to WCAV in Charlottesville. "People are unhappy for being stopped, officers are concerned for their safety, and so this will go through things you're suppose to do in a stop."

    The lessons would focus reducing confrontations with an officer and avoiding situations that can escalate.

    Like all new legislation signed by the governor, the law will go into effect July 1, 2017.

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