Bill proposes $250 fine for driving slow in left lane

RICHMOND, Va. (WSET) -- A bill is making its way through the General Assembly that would fine drivers caught not going the speed limit in the left lane on highways.

House Bill 2201, co-sponsored by Del. Kaye Kory and Sen. Scott Surovell, would make the fine for blocking the 'fast lane' a mandatory $250, instead of up to $250.

Traffic experts said driving too slow in the passing, or left, lane can cause confusion, aggravation, and even accidents.

According to current Virginia law, drivers who are taking it slower are required to move over to the right lanes.

Traffic experts also say that driving in the left lane could cause confusion by forcing people to pass you on the right, which they shouldn't be doing anyway.

Lynchburg police officers ABC 13 spoke with, said they will ticket a driver now for "impeding traffic flow, " if that driver is going "15 miles per hour below the speed limit," one officer said.

The bill's sponsors also hope to cut down on road rage and a disrupted traffic flow, which they say can be caused when vehicles are forced to pass on the right as opposed to the left.

The bill which passed the House 66-31 is now on track for a final vote.

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