Mommy Monday: Vacation bible school Facebook page

Facebook page for summer VBS (Photo: Lydia Johnson).

Summer break is kicking off soon for a lot of our children. Summer camps can get expensive, so many families turn to free alternatives.

Valentina Thomas put together a Facebook page of all of the area vacation bible schools with in a 50 mile radius of Lynchburg.

The mother of 5 said she couldn't find one place with all of the camps -- so she made her own!

"We didn't have enough finances to take 5 kids on vacation -- that's pretty expensive,” Thomas explained. “So I started looking around and there was one webpage, but the dates were outdated. So I said what if I just sit down and spend the day looking around."

Now Thomas ahs complied a huge list that she's sharing with everyone.

If you are looking for free fun for your own children this summer click here.

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