Mommy Monday: Teen health

Advice on when your teenage daughter should see a women's health provider.

FOREST, Va (WSET) - A lot of things go on in your teenage daughter's body, so now might be the right time to explore transitioning from a pediatrician to a women's health care provider.

Tiffany Harvey wanted her teenage daughter's first experience with a women's health care provider to be positive.

"I didn't have a great first experience. It was kind of a herding of young ladies in paper gowns," Harvey recalled, “At about age 15 I just thought maybe it's be a great time to establish as visit."

Certified midwife Katie Page says sometime around a girls first period -- between 13 and 15 years old -- a visit with a midwife or ob-gyn is beneficial.

“It's also a nice time to come together in a safe space to learn about their bodies in a different way with conversations and topics that they might not be having in school or might not be having at home," Paid said.

Page also explained most of these first visits center around periods, and breast and hormone changes.

“Generally most first visits, especially if it's just to establish a relationship and get to know each other -- if it's just to talk about period changes or something like that -- or even sometimes to prescribe birth control, if people aren't 21 they don't need a pap smear," Page said.

As Harvey gets ready to send her daughter off to college soon -- she feels like starting these visits now gives her teen a firm foundation when it comes to her body and health.

“Will mommy follow up? Probably, but yes, I definitely think it's given her education and courage and strength that is definitely beneficial as a woman,” Harvey said.

Page suggested this website if you are looking into finding a women's health care provider for your daughter.

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