Mommy Monday: Talking to your kids about 9/11

PHOTO: World Trade Center 9/11 16th anniversary, Photo Date: 9/10/2017 (Photo: National September 11 Memorial & Museum)

A new generation is growing up -- that will come to know about 9/11 through history books.

Around the dinner table, your children might have a few questions for you about that day and terrorism. has some great information to guide you through that conversation.

Answer questions about the attacks with facts. Don't try to share all the information you know.

Be specific and highlight specific stories of the survivors, victims or first responders to help humanize the event and avoid stereotypes and simplifications.

Reassure your children of their safety. Focus on how to cope with feelings rather than suggest their worries are unfounded. Share what is being done to keep them and your family safe.

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