Mommy Monday: Postpartum and Perinatal Mood Disorders

Lynchburg, VA - Depression and anxiety are the most common complications in pregnancy and postpartum. It's a big enough deal that Governor McAuliffe recently made May Maternal Health Awareness Month. ABC 13 found support in the Lynchburg area for those of you who need it. Shana Clark waited a long time to be mommy. "I thought motherhood with this incredible baby would be so blissful and wonderful right from the hospital," Clark explained. But Clark quickly fell into postpartum depression after her son AJ was born. "I felt broken in so many ways," Clark said. She is not alone according to Lauren Barnes, executive director of the Motherhood Collective. "So many women are hiding and are struggling and need support," Barnes said. That's why Barnes and the Motherhood Collective are trying to get the word out about Postpartum and Prenatal Mood Disorders -- and the support groups in our area for moms. "There's such a stigma," Lauren said.{} "Nobody even really wants to share even if they are being supported by a support group it's so hard to come out of your shell and share it with a friend." Clark goes to meetings twice a month and says it's helped her work through her own dark time. "I've found great support in the mother's here that have helped me heal and really enjoy my first year as a mother." There is a support group that meets twice a month at the Wyndhurst Counseling Center. They also host a support group for moms experiencing infertility, miscarriage and child loss. If you are in need of help please reach out. For more information click here.{}
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