Mommy Monday: Mom sleep study

Sleep study looks at how moms and dads rate sleep (Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group).

Moms, if you're feeling exhausted-- it's not just in your head!

The National Sleep Trends report studied the impact of parenting on sleep and found only 13% of moms said the quality of sleep is good. Compare that to dads of which 46% said they got good sleep.

Parents ages 25 and up living in the U.S. were surveyed about their sleep habits and patterns, and were asked to rate the quality of their sleep.

Smart Mattress company Eight analyzed these responses.

Moms frequently reported having trouble falling asleep, with 10% saying they have trouble "always" and 16% "often."

Women with children also report getting up in the middle of the night more often than men with children.

According to Eight’s study, Children waking up in the middle of the night impact the percentage of deep sleep that mothers get. A healthy person's deep sleep range per night is 18 to 25%.

Moms with children who wake up twice per night present a lower average than dads in the same situation: 21% to 24%.

When children wake up every other night, moms deep sleep falls to 19% compared to 23% in dads.

To give you some perspective, parents who report that their kids never wake up have very close percentages of deep sleep: 24% for moms, 23% for dads.

So maybe this mother's day the perfect gift is just a good night of sleep for mom.

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