Mommy Monday: Fidget spinners in our schools

It seems like every child has one, or wants a fidget spinner (Photo: Danner Evans).

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WSET) - If there are school aged children in your home -- you've likely seen a fidget spinner. They’re the new craze.

Area schools are finding ways to co-exist with the phenomenon.

5th grader Tyler Hinton can’t put his down.

"Pretty much everyone has them,” Hinton said. “At first it was just a couple of us but now everyone is starting to get them."

They showed up in Nicole Tibbs' classroom at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Forest.

"I would say after spring break we saw a huge increase with the number of kids that came in with them. Right now in my classroom over half of them have a fidget spinner," Tibbs said.

The toys are distracting according to teach Danielle Netsch.

"They are pretty noisy when you get them spinning” Netsch said. “You can hear it across the room"

The spinners are supposed to help students with attention issues focus, but many are using them now as toys. Assistant principal Jeanie Floyd said they couldn’t ignore them.

“I think that the intended purpose is to help students engage in their tasks a little bit better,” Floyd said. “It helps control that attention. Which is sort of the reverse of what we are seeing."

"I saw them being balanced on noses and spinning around in circles and I said what's this, what are we doing here," Netsch said.

To bring order and quiet back to the classroom teachers and administrators at Thomas Jefferson, like many other schools in our area, quickly set up some rules.

"Such as you need to keep them secure in your desk and backpack until approved time such as recess or lunch period,” Floyd said. "We've checked with local area schools in our division and they are pretty much doing the same thing we are."

"Spinning them around as fast as possible is not a concentration thing. It's a play thing,” Netsch said. “So they get it. They understand and they're all on board."

They found a happy medium in Bedford County schools, restoring order to classrooms while still letting the students have fun.

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