'Working for Jesus;' Appomattox woman spends 2 decades helping out those in need


APPOMATTOX Co., Va. (WSET) -- To some, taking time out of our day to help others in need may not always come naturally, but to Shirley Walker, it's just common sense.

In 1994 she was working at a drug store during the day and each night she would think of her customers struggling to make ends meet.

While people made a choice between medicine or groceries, Walker found a cause.

"God just laid it on my heart that you need to start helping these people out, especially elderly people," she said.

So, she founded Working for Jesus Ministry, Incorporated.

Nearly 25 years later, she hasn't stopped.

"A lot of people say 'well, if you need something let me know,' a lot of people say that because it sounds good," Walker said. "If you want to help somebody, you can really find a way to help that person."

Whether you are late on rent, bills, or need a ride to the doctor's office, Walker has you covered.

All the money she raises goes straight to someone who needs help.

Three years ago, 94-year-old Dorothy Madison was struggling to keep her house warm, she was out of wood for her wood stove, so she turned to Walker.

"That was the first thing she did to help me," Madison said. "She's been extra good to me, and I want the world to know that. A lot of times people want to be independent, they need but they don't want to ask, she'll find you she will, she won't ask you she'll just tell you she's going to help you."

Donna Dixon, who has also been helped by Working for Jesus, said Walker helped her out when she was 'down and out' and helped pay her electricity bill and helped her with rent.

"Everybody loves Shirley, Shirley helps everybody," Dixon said.

Working for Jesus will have their fourth annual singing and car show on April 21 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the Triangle Plaza Shopping Center parking lot on Old Courthouse Road.

There will be live music, door prizes, a raffle, and food.

Contact Shirley Walker at 434-660-0707 after 6 p.m. if you would like to help out or get more information.

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