Heroes from the Heart of Virginia: Brian Moore

    Retired Army Sergeant 1st Class Brian Moore remembers the day in 2008, when his unit was taking heavy mortar fire in Iraq. Moore recalls "The rockets started coming in, and I saw a smoke round hit the ground, which means somebody is directing their fire. There was an explosion, and the next thing I knew, I was in the hospital."

    As described in his book, "Purple Heart, Wounded Spirits", Moore was deployed to Iraq shortly after 9/11, then re-enlisting to go to Afghanistan, as an embedded advisor with an Afghan army unit.

    Facing language and cultural barriers, Moore says the two sides found common ground through their beliefs, saying "When they were praying 5 times a day, I would take my bible out, and I would sit next to them, and I would read my bible. And they asked me 'what is that'? I said 'That's my holy book.' And they liked that, they called me "Good Sergeant", because they saw me as a man of faith, the fact that it was Christianity didn't bother them."

    During the next few years before getting injured, Moore says he's proud of the charity work he and other soldiers were able to do for children in need in Afghanistan. Moore says "My family and friends would fly in school supplies, medical supplies, and we would take that all over the countryside, passing out backpacks with school supplies. Because there are kids..if they go to school, there's no supplies. They just go, and sit there and memorize."

    Moore says he wrote the book as a form of therapy, as he deals with the effects of PTSD and his injuries from battle. However, the now retired Sergeant 1st Class says he's grateful for everything, as it's made him a new man. "That's what I tell people. They ask 'Why would God let you be injured like you were?' And I say "He allowed me to be hurt, but He chose to spare my life...to save my life."

    Moore says his entire worldview on Muslims changed during the course of his service. His book "Purple Heart, Wounded Spirits" is available now. In addition, Moore will be signing copies of the book at the Liberty University Bookstore on Thursday, December 10th at 10 a.m.

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