ABC 13 Home for Christmas: Helping build Habitat's 300th home

(Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- ABC 13 has partnered with Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity to help them build their 300th home.

That work began on Wednesday.

Students at Heritage High School have turned the classroom for Heritage's Career and Technical Education into a workshop to help build a home for a deserving Lynchburg family.

That deserving family includes Darlene Tucker, who is putting in her own time on what will eventually be a home for her and her young son.

"It's all mixed emotions, being a first time homeowner, starting fresh, and just building from the ground up, it's amazing," Tucker said.

Students like Daniel Birch, a senior, said knowing what this house will mean to someone else makes every nail he pounds and piece of wood he saws more meaningful.

"I feel like I work honestly harder than I do in class because in class it's not a choice but here I feel like I'm obligated to do good because it's not for me," he said.

When it was time to break for lunch, Heritage High School's Culinary Arts student, who also are spending time in the construction line, served up hot meals to workers.

"Sometimes I cook for my family and different people," said Nichole Zubroski, a Heritage High School Culinary Arts student. "And it's just different because now my peers can see what I do and it's like how I do it and what I like to do."

Meanwhile, Darlene is looking to the future and is making plans for her home-to-be.

"I can actually paint the walls and make it my own!" she said.

In two short months, the piles of wood will be part of the ABC 13 Home for Christmas Habitat House and another deserving family will be getting a fresh start.

ABC 13 crews will be taking part in the building blitz.

Look for future details on how you can get involved.

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