Warner, Gillespie Take To Danville Three Weeks Before Elections

Danville, VA - Three weeks remain until the ballots are out and your votes are cast on Election Day 2014.One of the surprise close races this year? Senator Mark Warner and republican Ed Gillespie.They took center stage in Danville for a Senate Forum, which aired live on ABC 13 News. The two candidates have distinct career paths, with Warner the commonwealth's former governor and Gillespie a former lobbyist."The key to this region the key to everywhere in the commonwealth is jobs," said Warner in his opening remarks."For any vote I cast as United States Senator it is this: will this bill ease the squeeze for hard working Virginians and make it easier for the unemployed to find work? And if it doesn't I won't vote for it," said Gillespie. "I don't care what any president says of either party. I don't care what any Senate leader says of either party." During the forum, neither Warner (D) nor Gillespie held back jabs. Gillespie (R) brought up Warner's past voting record, which he claims almost completely for the president's policies. Warner says Gillespie's policies aren't right for the state."The difference again is I've laid out a series of specific changes again in the health care law my opponent has given a series of partisan charges in the health care law," said Warner.The polls show a closing gap in the race. In September, Warner had a 22 point lead, according to Christopher Newport University's Judy Ford Watson Center for Public Policy poll.The same poll only a month later? Down to 12 points. With undecided voters up for grabs like Will Holley who says he is now leaning towards Gillespie."I'm ready for some change and I liked some of [Gillespie's policies]," said Holley.After the forum, ABC 13 News spoke with Gillespie, asking him about his poll numbers and if the increase is a too little, too late. The republican candidate says three weeks is a long time."I see momentum going our way and really in fact over the past five months, we have come from behind 29 points down to single digits. I think that shows the momentum we have," said Gillespie.

We were unable to speak to Senator Warner on camera. He was unable to stay after the Forum, due to tight scheduling. His staff points out the CNU polls are of two different groups, registered voters and likely voters. They remain confident in the senator's chances for re-election.

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