Voting Machine Budget Proposal Puts At Least One Locality's Plans On Hold

Lynchburg, VA - Voting methods across the state could change in time for Election Day 2015.

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced on Monday a $28 million budget for new, state of the art machines.

But what does this mean for localities?

The governor's office says the state will fully fund the equipment. But this is just a proposal. It puts a hold on some plans, like in the Hill City. The Lynchburg Registrar's office tells ABC 13 News they were in the early stages of replacing their dual system, which consists of 20-year-old models and 10-year-old models.

"If we were doing this all by ourselves we would be aiming at least August, if not earlier," said Carolyn Sherayko, General Registrar. "So we don't know exactly how that's going to play out yet."

According to the Commonwealth, 49 localities reported voting equipment issues this past election. Sherayko says the issues in Lynchburg this past election were minor. One machine didn't want to feed during Election Day and a technician went out and took a look at it, says Sherayko. The machine, she says, worked well the rest of the day.

No known votes were lost.

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