Volunteers Needed for Cancer Prevention Study

Lynchburg, VA - You can help make the world cancer free by volunteering for the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3).

The American Cancer Society is recruiting men and women right now for the 20-year study.

No one understands the importance of getting involved more than a cancer survivor like Craig Miller.

"I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007," Miller remembered.{}

But Miller beat colon cancer -twice.

"In July of 2009 I had my first PET scan to where it was in remission," Miller said.{} "I've been cancer free since that time."

Now he's helping to sign people up for CPS-3.

It's the third long term study by the American Cancer Society. In the past, they've studied the link between cancer and things like cigarettes and obesity. Now they're turning their attention to lifestyle, genetics and the environment.

"Maybe we can lick this thing and not worry about it anymore," Miller said.

That's why Miller takes pride in every person he signs up for this study.

"I'm a survivor at this point and there is going to be a whole lot more survivors in the future if people will sign up and do this,"{} Miller said.

The enrollment process in the Lynchburg area involves two steps - one in person and one at home.

You have to provide a small blood sample and fill out some paper work September 18- 22.

At home, you finish a comprehensive survey.{} Then the American Cancer Society follows up with you every few years.

Get more details here about enrollment locations, dates and times or to schedule your appointment.


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