Virginia Supreme Court Rules Sweet Briar College Will be Considered a Trust

Richmond, VA - Big news out of the Virginia Supreme Court Tuesday regarding Sweet Briar College.

The court has ruled in favor of Amherst County attorney Ellen Bowyer - saying the college can be considered a trust, as well as a corporation, and that the circuit court erred in its ruling.Bowyer argued that only a court can approve closure, not the board of directors, and was asking the court for an injunction to stop its closure.

Lawyers tell ABC 13 this means the students now have the right to enforce the restrictive covenants laid out in the will of the founder, and not just the attorney general, who thus far has not acted to stop its closure.The original trust of the founder said the property must remain a women's college.Now the case goes back to circuit court, to again rule on the request for an injunction.

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