Vice President Biden Surprises GW Football Team

Danville, VA - Before Biden's big speech Tuesday, he decided to make a little one Monday night. He made a surprise appearance at Danville's G.W. High School football practice.

It's not every day the Vice President comes to town, and it's an even rarer occasion, that he calls a huddle at your football practice.

"Me and another teammate, we were cracking jokes, because we saw some people on top of the hill, and we were like, that's the secret service. And then we just laughed it off and kept going through practice, and then we saw all the cars coming. And that's when it clicked that it was the Vice President coming to practice," said player, Desmond Thompson.

"When I saw him get out of the car, it was like man, he's at GW, like, man," said another player.

It was a surprise unlike any other.

"A friend of mine called me on the phone as soon as he left and asked me what I was doing and I told him, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. And he says, well try me. And I told him, I just got through getting smacked in my chest by the Vice President of the United States," said Assistant Coach, David Martin.

Players and coaches had no idea someone special was showing up to their first practice of the season. "He tells me you guys have had some great teams down here," said Biden to the crowd of kids.

The V.P. called a huddle. Players listened closely as he shared stories of his own football glory days. "And I was a runner up in my state scoring championship in little old Delaware, not much, you know what I mean," said Biden.

"When he said he played football, he said Obama played basketball, but I played football, that's what got me hyped," said player, Robert Lovelace.

And his visit, though brief, left a lasting message and a profound impression

"These kids are going to remember this for the rest of their life, and that's what it's all about," said Assistant Coach, David Hoskins.

"That's determination for me to keep going. Because we had the Vice President here and he wants to see us go far," said one player.

The players said they've invited the Vice President to the state championship if they win, and he's promised them, he'll be there.

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