VA One Of 3 States Set For Citizen Cabinet Initiative

Lynchburg, VA - Do you think elected officials in Washington are listening to you?

If your answer is no, you're not alone.According to a Gallup poll this month, 82 percent of Americans disapprove of Congress's job, many believing that lawmakers are voting for special interest groups instead of what's best for the country. Voice Of The People, a new non-partisan organization, says they're aiming to fix what they say is a broken system. The group is currently working to reconnect Virginians with their elected officials, building the Citizen Cabinet. The group will start sending letters in the next couple of weeks to 500 Virginians to answer online questions about issues Congress is currently dealing with.

"We will develop one of these policy-making simulations on an issue. It could be immigration, it could be the budget, it could be entitlement reform," executive director Richard Parsons said. "We'll have the public in each state go through this exercise and then we'll prepare a report for each member of Congress from that state showing them where their own constituents come out on the issue."

Parsons says letters will be sent out in the next few weeks. The results will then be shared with Virginia congressmen. Oklahoma and Maryland residents are also participating in this questionnaire.

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