UPDATE: Woman Killed in Morning Accident After Log Falls Off Truck

    {}{}{}{}Chunks of wood are all that remain on Route 29 at the Gladys Road intersection, after an early morning accident left a female driver dead.{}{}{}{}State Police tell ABC-13 the accident occurred at 5:45am in the Southbound lanes of Route 29, just north of Altavista. A 2014 Kia was traveling North, when a log came through the windshield, striking the driver.{}{}{}{}The driver of the Kia, Tina C. Catron, 44, of Altavista, Va., died at the scene of blunt force trauma. A 5-year-old male in the back seat was not injured. He was safely secured in a booster seat.{}{}{}{}Police say there were no other cars were on the scene at the time, and it could be very likely that the log fell from a truck without the driver even knowing.{}State police are continuing to look for more information on the truck that the log must have fallen from. Anyone with information on the truck or crash is asked to call State police at 434-352-7128.---Campbell Co., VA - State Police have confirmed that a woman was killed Friday morning after they believe a log fell off a truck, crashing into her vehicle.This happened at the intersection of Route 29 and Gladys Road.According to police, they are still looking for that truck.ABC-13 will bring you more updates as we get them.------------Campbell Co., VA - VDOT is reporting a serious accident on Route 29 in Campbell County.It's at the intersection with Gladys Road. {}Right now, the right southbound lane is closed.ABC-13 is sending a crew to the scene.Stay with us for updates.


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