UPDATE: Man Sentenced to 75 Years for Raping Lynchburg Woman

UPDATE: Richard Martin-Busher has been sentenced to 75 years for the rape of a Lynchburg woman.Fifteen years of that sentence have been suspended and he will be required to pay $4000 in restitution.

--------UPDATE: A Lynchburg man who pleaded guilty to raping a woman in her home is scheduled for sentencing Wednesday.Richard Martin-Busher, Jr. told an officer he entered the woman's home on Liggates Road to raid her fridge but when he noticed she saw him, he says his thoughts turned to rape.Police caught Martin-Busher after he broke into a business about four months later.He told an officer that he entered the business because he was thirsty Martin-Busher is looking at 11 years to life even after a plea agreement that he won't be prosecuted for a slew of other burglary and petit larceny charges.--------Lynchburg, VA - A man pleaded guilty Thursday to raping a woman inside her Lynchburg home last March. Richard Martin-Busher, Jr. faces 11 years to life in prison for rape, strangulation, and burglary convictions. He will be sentenced in June. Martin-Busher admitted to police that he watched the woman's husband leave the home on Liggates Road the night of March 4, and then entered the house to steal food from the refrigerator. Martin-Busher said when he realized the woman saw him, he held her down on the floor by her throat and raped her. The attack happened as the woman's nine year old son slept upstairs. When Martin-Busher left the home, the woman called 911. Police had been searching for the woman's rapist for four months when Martin-Busher was arrested in July for a break-in at Grand Home Furnishings on Fort Avenue. Martin-Busher gave police a DNA sample after his arrest. That sample matched DNA found on the victim, that was collected at the hospital the night of the rape. Lynchburg Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Bethany Harrison says the sentencing guidelines don't change that much by going the plea agreement route, as opposed to taking this case to trial. Harrison says the plea keeps the victim from having to testify at trial. Under the plea agreement, Matin-Busher won't be prosecuted for a slew of other burglary and petit larceny charges. The judge ordered a psychosexual report prior to sentencing.
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