Update: Jens Soering to Stay in Virginia

Richmond, VA - The Department of Justice has decided prisoner Jens Soering will not be leaving Virginia.

Soering killed Derek and Nancy Haysom in Bedford County in 1985 and is serving two life sentences.

Just before leaving office, former Governor Tim Kaine asked for Soering to be transferred to Germany.

If Soering were transferred, he would be eligible for parole in two years.

A letter{}from US Attorney General Eric Holder to Governor Bob McDonnell dated July 6{}states, "You should be assured that it is the position of the United States Department of Justice that Jens Soering will not be considered for transfer to Germany unless and until the Commonwealth of Virginia provides clear and unambiguous consent to such a transfer."

Local lawmakers, including State Senator Steve Newman, opposed the transfer.

"When this first came out, we decided that we would not allow it to stand. We talked to family members and they concurred with us," Newman said Wednesday. "We are very, very pleased and we think this is the right decision based on justice but also based states' rights."

Newman, McDonnell, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Congressman Bob Goodlatte have all been involved in asking the Justice Department to reverse Kaine's decision.

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