UPDATE: Cashier Testifies Alexis Murphy, Randy Taylor Talked

UPDATE: NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WSET)- The defense and prosecution gave their opening statements Friday in Nelson County Circuit Court, where Randy Taylor is on trial for the abduction and murder of Alexis Murphy.



NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WSET)- The jury has been decided in the Randy Taylor trial in Nelson County.

There are eight women, six men, one African American, and one Latino on the jury.

Taylor got to court around 9:25 a.m. wearing a button down shirt, khakis, and loafers. A judge allowed Taylor to wear business attire instead of his jumpsuit during the trial. Taylor was then arraigned, pleading not guilty to first degree murder, first degree murder during an abduction, and abduction with intent to defile.

Many jurors were excused from the trial.

The reasons varied from seeing too much in the media to knowing members of the Murphy or Taylor family. One juror was let go for helping search for Alexis. Another juror was excused for towing away Taylor's truck off his property for the state.

The Commonwealth pointed out to potential jurors the law does not require there be a body to convict someone of murder.

The defense objected saying there is no proof Alexis Murphy is dead and the Commonwealth would have to prove that, but the judge overruled the motion.

The judge expects the trial to go well into next week. Trina Murphy spoke to the media after court was adjourned.


NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WSET)- The family of Alexis Murphy, 17, is ready for the man accused of killing her to stand trial.

Randy Taylor's trial starts Thursday in Nelson County Circuit Court.Trina Murphy, Alexis Murphy's aunt, calls the trial of Taylor the next phase of the nightmare the family has been living for the last nine months.

Alexis' body still has not been found. The family would consider a conviction to be justice, but they say even that would not bring them any closure.

The family plans to be in court, some family members have been called to testify.

"I think we all have a good understanding of what we're going to hear," said Trina Murphy. "

From the very beginning, the Commonwealth's Attorney, the police, the FBI and everyone involved, they've told us what they could.

"We've been very accepting of that,"Trina Murphy says while the family is confident in the Commonwealth's case against Taylor, he deserves to be able to defend himself in court.

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