Turning Cigarette Butts into Park Benches

Lynchburg, VA - Wednesday is Kick Butts Day, an annual day that educates kids about staying tobacco free. But, a Lynchburg group put its own spin on the event.

This is called Kick It, Don't Flick It! Dozens met downtown along Jefferson Street in Lynchburg Wednesday afternoon and picked up dirty, cigarette butts that people littered on the ground. Don't worry, everyone had gloves for safety.

The plan is to collect all these butts, ship them to a plant in Michigan, and then do something really out of the ordinary with them.

"We are going to take the cigarette butts, and recycle them to Terracycle, and we are going to buy a park bench for the City of Lynchburg because the cigarette butt filters are actually made out of plastic," said Cheryl Burnette, Tobacco Treatment Specialist for Centra.

No word yet when that park bench out of cigarette butts will be put in. But, we will let you know when it is.

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