Transportation Projects Approved for the Lynchburg Area

Lynchburg, VA - Lots of money is going to toward transportation projects in the Lynchburg area. Wednesday, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced changes to the six year transportation plan. More than $13 billion will now go toward state transportation projects to include an additional train service from Lynchburg to D.C., and improvements to Route 29. The package includes funding for an afternoon Lynchburg to D.C. train run. There is already morning Amtrak train service. City leaders and citizens say the $30 million going to the project is well worth it, saying the extra access in and out of the area has the potential to expand the city's economic profile. Part of the plan includes transportation, mobility, and safety with road improvements, while the other part is money in the city's pocket. "Well it's a couple things. It's not only us having accessibility to other parts of the state and beyond it's also the opportunity to bring more visitors here. And that impacts our economy as well," said Christine Kennedy, Interim President of the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. The project also calls for improvements to Route 29 through Charlottesville, which replaces the bypass plans-that-so many had hoped for. Crews will also make improvements and repairs along Interstate 81 in Roanoke. The plan starts July 1.
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