Transgender Woman Wants to Change Law in Virginia

    Reporter: Melinda Zosh

    Lynchburg, VA - A local woman hopes to change a law in Virginia. Lori Wright is writing a bill that would revise the DMV's licensing process for transgender people.

    Right now in Virginia, transgender people must show proof of gender reassignment surgery. She says this rule violates their civil liberties.

    So Wright is trying to draft a bill hoping someone in the General Assembly can sponsor it next year. If the bill doesn't pass, she plans to get help from a group like the ACLU.

    "This one targeted population has to jump through a multitude of hoops, and pay enormous amounts of money just to have an 'F' on our driver's license, and this is bogus," Wright said.

    Wright has also started a petition for her cause. You can sign it here.

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